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 call of duty 2 360

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PostSubject: call of duty 2 360   Thu Feb 08, 2007 12:44 pm

call of duty[/center]

some codes for you

Use Cover – In every battle environment, you will find objects and structures to keep you out of sight and out of the path of whizzing bullets. Crouch and crawl behind solid cover as much as possible. Whether it’s in the snowy streets of Stalingrad or the sun-baked deserts of Tunisia, look for crates, broken buildings, and destroyed vehicles to duck away from enemy fire. Plus, utilize your smoke grenades to create portable concealment. It’s not outright cover, but will definitely aid your assault against the enemy.

Stay Mobile – Think you found a good spot for cover? That may change in a matter of seconds. Although pausing to regroup, assess threats, reload weapons, or replenish health is always necessary, don’t stay in one location for too long. Especially on the higher difficulty settings, the enemy uses increasingly intelligent suppression techniques to keep you pinned down and cornered.

Weapon Slots – Keep an eye out for dropped weapons. As you progress through a mission, be aware that the weapon you have now may not be the best weapon to use when you round a corner. Your enemies and allies will drop a large variety of firepower, and you have the capability of holding two weapons. So, cycle to the weapon you would like to switch, stand over the discarded weapon you would like to pick up, and then press the Use key (X button) to switch the weapons. Now you can pack the power of two sub-machine guns or a rifle and machine gun.

Stance – Be mindful of your stance at all times. Soldiers that walk tall on the battlefield often find themselves coming home in a box. Crouching and lying prone keeps your profile low, making you harder to see, and more importantly, harder to hit. Secondly, in a crouched or prone position it is easier to target enemies. Press B to crouch and hold B for a second to go prone.

Heads up – Pay attention to your on-screen indicators. When you hear the clink of a nearby grenade, look to the grenade indicator in the center of your screen to tell you which way it is. Arrows will appear pointing in the direction of the nearby grenade. Get away from it as quickly as possible. Also, your compass can be your best friend. If you ever find yourself lost, look to your compass, which shows stars or letters indicating the direction of objectives. The compass also keeps track of your squadmates and last known position of your enemies. Your mates will appear as green triangles while the sound from enemy fire will appear as red dots. Be warned, as the location of enemies will only appear when they fire their weapon.

Aim Down Sight – You can fire madly from the hip, but as any trained soldier will tell you, raising your gun up and aiming down the sight of the weapon is much more accurate and deadly. Use the increased accuracy of Aim Down Sight (ADS) to pick off enemies from greater distances, and save your ammo to spray bullets from the hip in close quarters battles, in which accuracy matters a bit less. Holding down the left trigger on the 360 controller enables ADS.

Concentrate When Sniping – The sniper rifle is by far the best long-range weapon to use in a battle. To be a truly lethal sniper, hold your breath by pressing and holding the right thumb stick while aiming down the scope. This will allow you to hold your breath, steady your scope, and with a little practice, drop your target every time. Remember, you can only hold your breath for a short time.

Mantle Ability – Players can maintain cover when advancing upon enemy positions with the ability to mantle over obstacles. When you approach some waist-high barriers, an arrow will appear on your screen indicating for you to hit the Jump button (A button). This will enable you to automatically hurdle over the obstacle in front of you, without providing too large of a target.

Multiplayer Gameplay Tips

Weapon Selection – Choose your weapon wisely. Yes, you may love the Thompson or Kar98 Sniper rifle, but if your entire team has the same weapon, it may become a disadvantage. Find out what weapons your teammates are using and select complimentary weapons. If your buddy has a sniper rifle, choose a smaller close-quarters weapon to guard the sniping location. That way your ally can stay confidently scoped, picking off enemies while knowing that you have the quick firepower to ward off any enemies encroaching on your position. Or, if most of your allies are using smaller close-range weapons like the Thompson or MP40, select a heavy assault rifle like the BAR or MP44 so you can hang back and lay down heavy fire to cover their advance.

Packing Heat – The default weapon loadout in multiplayer is the weapon you selected and a pistol, but just like single-player you can swap any weapon you want with a weapon on the ground. Utilizing both weapon slots effectively will allow you to laugh hysterically when, in a battle after you and your enemy empty your clips trying to take each other out, they pull out their pistol trying to finish you off and you switch to a fully loaded assault rifle.

Grenades and Smoke – Always utilize your ‘nades. Not only are frag grenades a great way to flush out an enemy, they are also a great way to distract your enemy. When rushing an objective, throw a grenade or two at the other objective to draw the enemy towards the action. Not only can smoke grenades cover an alley or objective for your advance, but they can also be used to temporarily shut down a key defensive position. Instead of dropping the canister in an open area, lob one into a window to smoke up a room with a mounted gun or sniper. This will not only blind the enemy but it also tends to flush them out into the open. Running low on grenades? Run over the bodies of your fallen allies and enemies to pick up unused ones.

Key MP Indicators – As in single player, your on-screen indicators are key to staying alive. Use the compass to your advantage. Friendly soldiers will show up as green arrows, while enemy fire will be a red dot. As in single player, the enemy will only appear on the compass when they discharge their weapon. It’s very important to remember that you will show up as a red dot on your enemy’s compass and reveal your position if you fire your weapon, so choose your shots wisely.

If all else fails, CHARGE – Say you find yourself face to face with an enemy player. You both shoot wildly in desperation trying to eliminate each other, but neither of you goes down. While the other player is reloading, charge at him and use the melee attack on your weapon to whack the lousy brute with the butt of your gun.

have fun lol!
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PostSubject: Re: call of duty 2 360   Fri Mar 30, 2007 2:45 pm

Best Guns

Machine Gun = Thompson
Pistol = Colt .45
Sniper Rirle = Scoped Lee Einisfeild
Rifle = Grewler 43 / Mt. Johnson
Shotgun = Trench Gun
American = Thompson
British = Mt. Johnson
German = Grewler 43
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call of duty 2 360
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