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 Ninja Gaiden Sigma (ps3)

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PostSubject: Ninja Gaiden Sigma (ps3)   Sun Aug 12, 2007 12:30 pm

Easy Money
During the fourth chapter (entitled Imperial City Infiltration), head to the shop near the town gate. A guy will be sitting there, and you can throw Shurikens at him. Each time you hit him, you get an item worth 100 yellow essence. Do this nine times, but not a tenth, or you will kill him. Then, leave through the gate, come back, and try again. You can therefore make 900 yellow essence per visit.

Hit Muramasa
If you visit Muramasa’s store, you can score some free yellow essence from him simply by attacking him. Try attacking him with a weapon like a nunchuck, and he’ll begin dropping his yellow essence. But don’t push it! If you hit him too many times, he’ll fall due to his injuries and you will be hit with a Game Over. Save before you try this, so you can see how many times you can hit him before he dies and get the maximum amount of yellow essence from him.

Unlockable: Golden Scarab Items (Normal Difficulty)
As you find Golden Scarabs in the game, Muramasa will reward you with the following items corresponding to how many you’ve found…

1 Golden Scarab - Life of Gods
5 Golden Scarabs - Armlet of Potency
10 Golden Scarabs - Lives of the Thousand Gods
15 Golden Scarabs - Spirit of the Devils
20 Golden Scarabs - Dabilahro
25 Golden Scarabs - The Armlet of Celerity
30 Golden Scarabs - The Armlet of Benediction
35 Golden Scarabs - Great Spirit Elixir
40 Golden Scarabs - Armlet of Fortune
45 Golden Scarabs - Jewel of the Demon Seal
50 Golden Scarabs - Plasma Saber MkII

Unlockable: Golden Scarab Items (Very Hard Difficulty)
1 Golden Scarab - Art of the Inferno
5 Golden Scarabs - Spirit of the Devils
10 Golden Scarabs - Art of the Ice Storm
15 Golden Scarabs - Jewel of the Demon Seal
20 Golden Scarabs - Spirit of the Devils (II)
25 Golden Scarabs - Jewel of the Demon Seal (II)
30 Golden Scarabs - Armlet of Fortune
35 Golden Scarabs - Jewel of the Demon Seal (III)
40 Golden Scarabs - Art of Inazuma
45 Golden Scarabs - Spirit of the Devils (III)
50 Golden Scarabs - Dark Dragon Blade

Unlockable: Golden Scarab Items (Hard Difficulty)1 Golden Scarab - Counter Attacks (Technique Scroll)
5 Golden Scarabs - Izuna Drop (Technique Scroll)
10 Golden Scarabs - Guillotine Throw (Technique Scroll)
15 Golden Scarabs - Windmill Shuriken
20 Golden Scarabs - Wooden Sword
25 Golden Scarabs - Dabilahro
30 Golden Scarabs - Armlet of Celerity
35 Golden Scarabs - Spear Gun
40 Golden Scarabs - Armlet of Benediction
45 Golden Scarabs - Armlet of Fortune
50 Golden Scarabs - Dark Dragon Blade

Unlockable: Golden Scarab Items (Master Ninja Difficulty)1 Golden Scarab - Smoke Bomb
5 Golden Scarabs - Elixir of Spiritual Life
10 Golden Scarabs - Great Spirit Elixir
20 Golden Scarabs - Great Devil Elixir
25 Golden Scarabs - Smoke Bomb (II)
30 Golden Scarabs - Ayane’s Ration
35 Golden Scarabs - Fragrance of Dayflower
40 Golden Scarabs - Ayane’s Ration Bundle
45 Golden Scarabs - Fragrance Hydrangea
49 Golden Scarabs - Plasma Saber MkII
50 Golden Scarabs - Dark Dragon Blade

Unlockable: Mission Mode
To unlock Mission Mode, simply defeat Doku in the second chapter of the game.

Hint - Yellow Orb Exploit
At the end of Chapter 13, Ryu must swim through the aquaducts (again) to reach the platform leading to a battle with Lord Doku.

You can use this section to farm some yellow orbs. Save here and equip the Spear Gun. Before riding the platform to the battle (or even just after, at the start of Chapter 14), swim back under the passageway and into the lift room (the one full of Shark Creatures).

Each monster is worth 1000, so you can collect about 6000 each time you go through the place. Swim just to the bottom of the tunnel and then back, allowing the creatures to respawn, then repeat. Do this for a few minutes, and then be sure to visit the conveniently placed Muramasa's shop statue to fully power up all your weapons and stock your inventory.

Hint - Yellow Orb Exploit
In Chapter 3 Skies of Vengeance, there is a way to get unlimited yellow orbs. First, get the key card on the lower level.

Save your game by going down the one of the spiral staircases off the Main Deck. Now, head back to the beginning of the game.

At the end of the hall in the Living Quarters there is a door that requires the key card. Make sure you have a few Elixirs of Spiritual Life before you enter. Kill as many enemies as you can without dying, then exit through the door.

Save your game, restock your elixirs at the shop (it is located at the other spiral staircase of the Main Deck) and repeat. Once you have all the upgrades that you can purchase at this level, you can just stock pile as much Yellow Orbs as you like.

Hint - Target Practice For Profit (Chapter 2)
At Hayabusa Village in Chapter 2, after you enter the first house go to where the store statue is and you will exit that map.

On the next screen, Ryu will be attacked by a couple of magic ninjas and samurai. Once you defeat them, you will notice a small board lying on the ground.

In the distance you will see 3 targets near a fence at a dead-end. Shooting these 3 targets with a bow will give you Gold, Health, and Ninpo energy. You must be standing past the loose wood board at the corner of the house Ryu entered in order for the rewards to spawn. You can hit the money target 5 quick times, collect the gold and keep buying arrows to replenish your stock; however, you can only hit the targets a limited amount of times before they yield no more rewards.
Submitted by artsaber

Hint: Easy Airship Money
When you reach the airship level, you will come to a room where many soldiers will come and attack you. If you’re in need of money, this is a good place to get it, because you can fight everyone in the room, exit, and then reenter to respawn the enemies. In this way you can keep accumulating cash and fill your coffers as much as you like.


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Ninja Gaiden Sigma (ps3)
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