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 Gran Turismo 4 (PS2)

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PostSubject: Gran Turismo 4 (PS2)   Sun Aug 19, 2007 4:36 pm

Unlock Audi Nuvolari Quattro
Notice that after you have completed 25% of the game, you will reveive a new car, like if you've just finished a tournament. That car is the Audi Nuvolari Quattro.

Hint: Hidden Controls
There are a number of "hidden" controls in Gran Turismo 4 that will make navigating the game a bit easier.
On the main Gran Turismo Mode screen, press L1 to jump the cursor to Home, and press R1 to jump the cursor to the country of your vehicle's manufacturer.
When looking at your garage in Home, press START to bring up the vehicle settings screen.
When changing your vehicle's settings, press START to enlarge the Engine Power/Torque curve.
At the end of a series race, press START to skip the finish times and championship points screens.
During a replay, press L3 to fast-forward.
During a pit stop, press X to to stop refueling, letting you get out of the stop faster.
With the Driving Force Pro wheel, press any combination of the LEFT, RIGHT, and DOWN buttons on the D-pad to look in that direction while driving.

Hint: Secret Black Cars
The vehicle line-up in the used car showrooms is constantly changing. On the last week of the changing cycle--starting day 694--four secret black race cars appear in the showrooms. Two of the cars are in the Used Car Showroom I and the other two are in Showroom II, and they only appear for one week (Gran Turismo time). All four cars can be purchased for about Cr.8,500,000 total, which is an absolute bargain for these sort of race cars.

Hint: Transfer Files
If you have a save file from GT3 you can import money and licenses into GT4. You can transfer license qualifications but you do not receive the unlockable items that come with the license when you get them without importing. You can transfer money up to 100,000 dollars. This can only be done once.

Hint: Best Starting Car
To smoke the competition at the beginning of the game purchase the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution GSR '92, on sale in the Used Car Showroom I.

Hint: Horse Power
When you buy or receive a new car, before driving it change the oil. This will increase the Horse Power of the car, which sometimes can be a pretty significant increase.

Hint: Fast Racing For Fast Profit
Start out with any vehicle you like. When you make enough money to make your vehicle faster using the beginner hall, move over the the special conditions Hall. Defeat the first race (Rally d' Umbria) and you will receive a Cadillac CIEN '02. Get more money and put more power into your Cadillac CIEN '02 (you won't have to if you don't want to). The CIEN will gain almost 1000+ HP. Go to the second race with the CEIN in the Special Conditions Hall called Rally d' Capri. After you win that race you will get a Toyota RSC Rally Raid Car '02 which you can sell for more than $230,000+. Keep racing that race and keep making the money.

To obtain over 260,000 credits easily
just take your best car and take it into the Rally d' Capri easy in the Special Conditions hall. Once you obtain the car sell it and you get over 260,000 credits. You can repeat this over and over and soon enough you should be able to afford anything you want.

Enter the European Hall
event 1000 Miles! I recommend either the Ginetta G4 '64 (won from Beginner Lightweight K Cup) or the Chevelle SS 454 '70 (won from American Muscle Car Championship). Enter the Cote d'Azur race (I think the last one works just the same). Make sure your car's HP is near or above 200. Put it on B-spec, 5-Push, overtake, 3x speed. Come back after a couple hours (this works best if you leave it overnight). You should have won the race, along with 150,000 credits! This can also be done with the championship race, which is 4 races. 4 races times 150,000 credits plus 300,000 credit prize equals 900,000 credits. The prize car is crappy, but who cares, you have 900,000 credits from doing nothing!

Hint: Press To Pause
At any screen with scrolling text, pause the ticker by pressing L3. The information ticker sometimes have the best tips in the game.

Hint - Engine Rebuild
After a couple hundred miles of racing, your engine's internals begin to wear leading to a loss of power. As an engine gets older, this wear increases and the power decrease becomes more pronounced. Torque is not affected as much though.

You fix this by doing an oil change and an engine rebuild. Changing the oil increases the engine's resistance against wear and tear and also restores the HP lost when the previous oil was exhausted. For just 50 credits and oil change on a used car can be more effective than a computer updrade.

If you have a dedicated race car, an engine build is a must as you will be racing it more than your other cars. Engine building ensures and increases power and longevity. After the oil change, perform what actions you think your engine needs (like Increasing displacement, balancing, port and polish, etc.). Be sure to swap out the computer while at it.

Hint: Nurburgring 24 Hour Endurance Set-up
Obtain the 2004 Ford GT LM Race Car Spec II (the white and black car in the opening sequence) from the Professional Events-GT World Champion race. That race is a ten race marathon (totalling 136 laps on ten different tracks).

Buy everything available for the car -- importantly the Super Hard Racing Tires (R1s). Set the "Auto Transmission" feature to a value of 18. Equip the R1 tires and get ready for at least twelve hours (of sped up time) of hell.

You must do the 24 hour endurance race in B-Spec mode with the 2004 Ford GT LM Race Car Spec II in order to guarantee a long hard fought win within thirteen hours real time instead of twenty four hours real time.

In B-Spec mode, you have the option to speed up the race by entering the Race Monitor Screen by pressing R1. Then, hold L1 and use the D-pad Left or D-pad Right to go from real time up to three times normal speed.

At the beginning of the race, set the auto pilot to a value of 5 (Push) and turn the overtake feature on by pressing TRIANGLE. Once you get ahead of the pack and have a decent lead, turn off overtake and set the autopilot to 2 (Cruise). You should only have to pit every three to four laps.

Get everything every time that you pit (tires and fuel). Set the autopilot back to 2 (Cruise) once you leave the pit. Continue this strategy until the end of the race. This will net you a Formula One car.

Hint Fast Millions
This is a quick way of making close to a million in no time.

I advise you to get your International A licence, and yes I know its not easy, but its worth it. International B is a must.

You need about Cr.30 000 to get started. Go to the Late '90s used car hall and buy yourself a Subaru Impreza or Legacy, any one will do. They cost about Cr.15 000.

Go change the oil and take it for a upgrade with the remaining Cr.15 000 that you should have left. A stage one turbo with a racing chip shoud do for the races that you about to do.

Go to the Subaru Manufacturer race called Stars of Pleiades. There's five races and all the cares are about the same. Each race earns you Cr.10 000 and winning the Championship is Cr. 75 000 in your bank account. And you get a really hot Subaru Impreza Super Touring Car.

Take your new Scooby and race in the same race as you just did. Only now sell your Touring Cars you win for about Cr.95 000.

Once you got about Cr.500 000 go and buy yourself a brand new AUDI Abt Audi TT-R for Cr.450 000. And here is where the fun starts:

Go to the European Hall and enter the Deutsche Touring Car Meisterschaft. If you strugle with the races, spend some cash and get an extra couple of ponies under the hood.

It's five races worth Cr.15 000 each plus Cr. 75 000 for winning the championship. The great prize though is the Mercedes CLR Le Mans flying piece of crap that you win. I don't like racing it, but I love selling it for close to Cr.945 000.

If you started from scratch you would have turned Cr.30 000 into anything just shy of Cr. 1,1 million. And from here you make that every time you enter the Deutsche Touring Car Meisterschaft.

Easter Egg: Forest Fire
On Apricot Hill, go reverse. It's on the 2nd turn before you start going down hill. Look way over on the mountain side, look striaght. On the side of the mountain there is grayish, what appears to be smoke coming up and blowing towards the right.

Easter Egg: Tall, Tall Tree
On Trail Mountain normal, get to the end of the big straight, the one with the tunnel. Before you get to the big banked sharp turn you can look out over the valley or whatever. There is a lone tree staning there, bare, just standing there. That's one big big tree.


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Gran Turismo 4 (PS2)
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