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PostSubject: [b]StarCraft[/b]   Mon Apr 02, 2007 2:15 pm

StarCraft Cheats::
To enter a cheat, during gameplay press enter, type in the code, and the press enter again.

show me the money - Gives you 10,000 minerals and gas.

whats mine is mine - Gain 500 minerals.

breathe deep - Gain 500 vespene gas.

black sheep wall - Reveal the map!

food for thought - No supply limit.

game over man - Instantly lose!

modify the phase variance - Build any building or upgrade.

noglues - Enemies can't use psionics

operation cwal - Build faster.

ophelia - Mission select.

power overwhelming - Units become invincible.

something for nothing - Free upgrades .

staying alive - Continue playing after you win. No, the Bee Gees don't
show up.

the gathering - Free unit spells and abilities.

there is no cow level - Win the current mission.

war aint what it used to be - No fog of war.

protoss# - Replace the # with a mission number to play that mission (Protoss game).

terran# - Put a number in place of the # sign to play that mission (Terran game).

zerg# - Play any Zerg mission by placing its number in place of the # sign.

Radiofreezerg - (possibly Radio free zerg) Only available in Brood War, put it in and see what happens.
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